Personal Philosophy of Administration

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  • Published : October 31, 2012
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Personal Philosophy of Administration
Wenjia Liang
St. Thomas University
March 7, 2012

Personal Philosophy of Administration
The standard for school leaders (ISLLC standard) suggests that there are six standards that an effective school administrator must meet in building and maintaining a good school climate featured by integrity, fairness and high morality, an effective learning environment that empowers both teachers and students by the most extend. A school leader must be able to facilitate the “development, articulation, implementation (ISLLC, 2010), and stewardship” of a shared version, he or she must establish and maintain a school culture and instructional program that empowers learning, he or she must ensure a safe and learning environment, he or she must collaborate with all stakeholders and ensure that the interests and needs of a diverse community is met; he or she must act with integrity, fairness and honesty; and finally, he or she must understand and respond to the big political, social-economic, legal and cultural context of school and education. My personal vision for the school improvement is that the school should offer education of good quality for all students and facilitate them with life-long learning. At the same time, the school is responsible to create and maintain a inspiring learning environment in which each students are empowered for self-development; the school must also set an example of morality and ethical behaviour so that students could learn to become people of high moral disciplines. A leadership style to empower my faculties and students: my leadership style is consultative. It means consensus is crucial for my management. It means that in order to meet the requirement of the ISLLC standard, I have to be patient, forbearing and self-confident, also I have to have enough faith in the others so I could entrust them with decision making. Also I have enough sensitivity and courage to recognize, admit and correct my own...
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