Reaction Paper on Film Appreciation

Topics: Film, Film theory, Film criticism Pages: 2 (898 words) Published: November 24, 2010
Film Appreciation
Reflection Paper
My Film Viewing Journey As I’m writing this paper I have to think back to the beginning of this semester and what motivated me to register for this course. As a third year college student I have to admit, taking a class on Film Appreciation never crossed my mind before now. I’ve always stayed away from any course that included the word “appreciation”, including art. I’ve just always felt like this meant that the course would be focused on tearing and ripping the subject into little parts until the matter was no longer interesting anymore, and that wasn’t something that appealed to me. But I figured my first two years of college I was stuck focusing on the basics and I wanted to study something new to keep me on my academic toes. As I clicked register for Intro to Film appreciation I remember saying to myself, "I love movies, but when the film starts I just see the actors on the screen and hear the dialogue and the music. I’ve never had a film class, how can I survive this class?" That quote has stuck in my head this entire semester and has been the basis of my comparison to my film viewing experiences prior to this course, during and future viewings. As I look back on my very first blog post up until the most current I can see a major change in the way I write about the films we have to view. In the beginning my blog post was very generic and common as many others probably were. I stated the obvious of what I saw in the film and pretty much gave a brief summary as opposed to a clear synopsis of the film. My comments on other’s blogs were not as detailed either. As the lessons progressed and I read the educational articles about film it provided me with new film terminology and projected new things for me to pay attention to in films, greater than just the plot and characters. I’ve noticed that the composition of a film is more than just these two things. There are...
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