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  • Published: January 2, 2013
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Chapter III

(Assessment of Practicum Program)

Reaction Paper

The Metals Industry Research and Development Center (MIRDC) is an institution that provides the metals and engineering needs of both government and private sectors. It has a professional management and technical expertise on the training of engineers and technicians; information exchange; trade accreditation services; quality control and testing of metal products; research and development; and business economics advisory services.

During my On-the-Job Training (OJT) in MIRDC, I have discovered that MIRDC give services to the organization that needs a metalworking, metalcasting, heat treatment, analysis and testing, technical consultancy and industrial training.

I have learned how the MIRDC gives internet connection and sharing of files to their employee through its server. I have discovered that it is possible to use 1 monitor, 1 keyboard and 1 mouse to 8 servers. Server is not only an internet service provider but it is also serves as firewall of your PC. Crystal report can be used to display your report in Visual basic. I have also learned that you can make your own site in Google site that you can be used in saving and sharing files and data’s online, only to those who have an account on Google. In buying ICT technologies we should always inspect the specifications and always have a comparison on its brand as well as its price. The newly develop information system helps the company make their report easier, faster and convenient to the user. It also helps keep and organize the files of the company. I have learned also that you should always browse the internet to be updated in the trends and events in the IT industry. Always read the articles about the new hardware software that has been out in the market. The new inventions of science and technology can help the institutions prosper their production and help the user more convenient on their work. In making website, you can browse the internet to have the new modules for your website. It can make your page attractive, pleasant and organize. Always remember in making a website always consider the end user, they are the one who will view and absorb the information on your page. ICT technologies must undergo preventive maintenance to test its performance as well as its part because sometimes the cause of damage is the hardware. It is not always the malware on your computer that made your PC slow in response and restarting, it can be the defective parts of the unit. In making documents, we should always check the format if your company is International Organization for Standardization (ISO) accredited. The reports must follow the format and filed in the ISO documents.

MIRDC employee boosts our self-confidence and gives us knowledge about the metals and engineering industry especially in the IT work and work place. Sir Eric always shares his newly discovered ICT technologies and new software applications. He always sends us e-mail that has the URL of the articles about the new softwares like the article about the Windows 8, Office 365, etc. He also shares his knowledge about networking. He shares his knowledge on networking. He taught us on how to configure routers and the MIRDC server. He taught us new techniques in developing web pages.

Sir Pang always explains the different parts of the CPU every time we troubleshoot PC’s. He always makes sure that we have work to do for us to learn in hardware. He makes sure that we know the different techniques on how to troubleshoot. He always wants that we are with him when he troubleshoots a desktop, laptop and printer.

Sir Gil boosts our self-confidence in the hardware servicing. He let me explore on how to troubleshoot the wireless connection of the desktop and laptops. He makes sure that we are with him when he troubleshoots.

Mam Judy taught us on how to install systems on the laptop and desktop of MIRDC employee. Mam Mimi introduce us...
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