Riordan Manufacturing: Improvement in Sales and Marketing Department

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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Evaluate the ways in which your organization manages knowledge using technology and other internal methods. Consider systems, policies, procedures, and written and implied guidelines. What is effective about the ways the organization manages knowledge? What could be improved? Riordan Manufacturing’s knowledge Management efforts focus on their business strategy, information technology, or human resource management departments that how they can improve their operational, Sales and Marketing efforts to increase the sales, how information systems can be improved and how its Human Resource Department will become more efficient and how legal department will perform better. Improvement in Sales and Marketing Department

By looking at Riordan sales and marketing department, I noticed that Riordan need many improvements to increase sales. As the world growing fast, customers expect high level of service and products that meet with today’s technology. Using the last IT technologies in marketing and sales would increase sales and profit for Riordan. Implementing new technology in marketing and advertisement is a must nowadays to attract the customers. The Two year plans to reach the $50 million revenue mark for Riordan which planning to achieve this objective through 3 strategies: 1- Part 1: Strategic sales objectives with corresponding financial goals and roll-out schedules. 2- Tactics by marketing mix, timing, and relationship to strategic sales objectives. 3- Customer Relationship Management Strategies.

Implementing new business system to handle the new and the existing customer info would be critical for success. What I noticed also that Riordan have a very little number of customer service clerks. Increasing the number of customer service representative to handle the the new operations and the current operation are recommended. The customer service is what will keep the current customer as customer not a former customer. First thing that attract customers is the...
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