Reaction Paper 7 Politeness

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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| Can knowing different cultures contribute peace of world| Is there any relationship between culture and language| Can second language teaching include teaching second culture| Can any problem occur during teaching culture? If it occurs what are the ways to overcome| What kinds of techniques, materials, and methods can be used in order to teach culture while teaching second language| Participant 1| I agree with this statement. When you know different cultures, hold different political views, you learn to respect and tolerate people. Otherwise people become narrow-minded and peace breakers of the world are the ones who cannot tolerate others.| Culture and language are indissoluble. Think about Muslim countries. In their language there are words such as namaz, abdest etc. And in Western countries where technology has advanced, there are words related technologic items such as i-pod, podcast etc. This shows that countries’ cultures and their languages are interrelated.| In English literature and language courses we learned about English lifestyle, their ways of thinking, judging the things they are surrounded with. So I believe that teaching second language includes teaching second culture.| In different cultures there may be some opposite things and these may arise some transgression. A teacher should be careful about choosing tattoo topics, must be a good controller and must be neutral during discussions.| Culture related videos and movies may be shown in lessons and in speaking activities students may be wanted to talk about different kinds of behaviors they have observed.| Participant 2| Yes, I think it helps to make a peaceful world. If we know different cultures we behave respectfully other people around world.| They are related to each other because the vocabulary we use are the things we already know.| Absolutely true, in order to learn a language we should know the culture of the country whose language we are learning.| Because...
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