Reaction Paper 1

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Kaily Purtle


Study of the Family

Reaction Paper 1

In class we discussed Reading #4. This reading was about the “Super Mom”. We discussed our personally experiences along with readings. We talked about how stay at home mothers and working mothers get looked at by society and by their husbands. I will be writing my reaction paper on this topic because it is very interesting to me.

The “Super Mom” is described in the White and Klein text as a “stroller in one hand, brief case in the other.” This means that the mother is doing all she can to provide for her family while still catering to her children. On the other end of the spectrum, a “Stay at Home Mom” is just a mother that stays home with the children. She takes care of every need that the children have while taking care of the home at the same time. The husbands of a “Stay at Home Mom” believe that it is easy.

In the reading, the author says that mothers are faced with intensive mothering where they need to be mothers first before anything. To society, this “Stay at Home Mom” needs to justify whey she is unable to work outside of the home. There are single moms out there that work everyday so, they need to justify why they live at home. I personally believe that whether or no the mother stays at home just depends on the family situation. The children may needs extra attention that the mother needs to attend to or maybe the husband believes that his wife

should stay at home and he makes enough money to take care of his family alone. It just depends I think.
We also discussed what mothers should do if they work early till late. We all discussed our own experiences but mine was that my grandfather helped us out. He still does. My father works everyday almost and my mother is a teacher so they are not available during the day. My grandmother works and my grandfather is retired, so it is very easy for us to get ahold of him if we need anything especially since he...
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