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Topics: Leadership, Organization, Management Pages: 2 (352 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Michael Weisenstein
Embry Riddle
Organizational Leadership
MSLD 511
Walt Whitacre
March 2, 2013

In chapter 3 of Yukl’s text, the major types of leadership behavior are defined (sometimes called meta-categories). These leadership behaviors are known as task-oriented, relation-oriented, and change-oriented. All three of these types of behaviors should be appropriate for all levels of organizations. In the United States Navy, I experienced more of a task-oriented leadership behavior. The first day of boot camp involved initiating structure and instrumental leadership, which aligns with task-oriented leadership behavior. The foundation was established with the leadership chain of command and the next steps were goal emphasis, work facilitation, and performance behavior. Maintaining standards of performance, instructing subordinates to follow procedures, and emphasizing the importance of meeting deadlines were required. Proper criticizing of poor work was expected to help the teams improve. Continuing on after boot camp graduation, the expectations continued under the task-oriented leadership behavior structure. Working in the civilian world is different compared to the Military. Leadership behavior styles can change, depending on the individual leader, organization, and status in the organization. I have noticed that most of my frontline supervisors are relation-oriented with subordinates. The interaction is at a personal level with subordinates with a problem, defending a subordinate, consulting subordinates with problems, suggestions, and treating them as equals. Working with the team daily and building relationships with the subordinates drives this style of behavior in frontline supervisors. Change-oriented behavior is primarily concerned with understanding the environment, finding innovative ways to adapt to it, and implementing major changes in strategies, products, or...
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