Rated M: for Misunderstanding

Topics: Video game genres, Game, Video game Pages: 3 (1276 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Eng 100Alex Wolfe

Rated M: for Misunderstanding

In a $25 billion dollar industry a year, video games are an outlet for most kids and adults to escape reality. I know all of our parents at one point or another have told us to stop playing video games because it will rot your brain. Is that really the case though? I believe video games have a positive effect on your brain and throughout this essay I will explain why. Now there is no need to tell me the negatives like, kids become anti-social, they just sit inside all day and get fat, or maybe develop violent behavior. When did video games start having these so called negative effects? In my case never. I have been playing video games since I can remember. I am not anti-social, my friends sometimes say I'm too skinny, and in no way am I a violent person (unless I need to be). Video games somewhere down the line got a bad rap, and violence was the main contributor. Research has shown that video games heighten creativity, decision making and perception. For instance the hit game Mine Craft right now allows you to create your own world from scratch. With millions of possibilities this game really lets your creative side jump out on to your computer screen. There are also a lot of games in circulation right now in which you have to make a certain decision that could change the outcome of the rest of the game. I was playing a game recently where you get to choose whether to have your character take a good path or bad path. I chose good path because of the spiffs I got for being good. Video games also improve your hand-eye coordination, and promote vision changes that heighten your night driving abilities. Research has shown that surgeons that played video games were better surgeons than those that never played at all. Who doesn't want to be a better night driver? I remember my mom would hate me driving at night when I was younger, but I loved it. I was also an avid video game player since I was old enough to...
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