Topics: Death, Hag, Left-wing politics Pages: 2 (746 words) Published: March 10, 2013
The story revolves around the encounter of a servant of a samurai, with stubby whiskers and a large pimple on his right cheek,who was recently discharged from his master due to the declination of the prosperity of the city of Kyoto and an old woman, gaunt, gray-haired, all skin and bones and nunnish in appearance, whose means of survival was stealing those that were left of the dumped corpses in the Rashomon, the southern gate of Kyoto. On a chilly and rainy evening in the devastated city of Kyoto, the servant was waiting for a break in the rain under the dilapidated Rashomon with which people seldom approached for its ghostly and fearsome appearance and reputation. Not knowing what to do or where else to go after being dismissed by his master, the servant got lost in his thoughts as to how to survive and contemplated hard whether he would do it in a fair or foul means. He was left with no other option because of his helpless circumstances. Surely, if he chose the honest way then he would starve to death and would be brought to the Rashomon and be thrown like a stray dog. Though doubtful with himself and unable to muster enough courage to justify the verdict he had made, he finally came to the conclusion that he would be a thief. He decided to spend the night there and shelter himself from the wind and rain. Halfway through the stairs, with his sword at his side, he saw a movement and a faint firelight from the upper part of the tower. He held his breath and made no sound as he ascended upstairs. He had expected only dead people inside the tower. The unknown, the evil terrified him. What sort of person would be making a light in the Rashomon… and in a storm? He crept up to the top stairs and was greeted by the foul smell of several corpses carelessly strewn about the floor. His hand dropped and stared as he saw an old hag bending and peeping over a corpse which had long black hair. He was more horrified than curious as he watched her pull out the long...
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