Briar Rose Compaired to Sleeping Beauty in the Woods

Topics: Fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty, Charles Perrault Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: October 6, 2010
A fairy tale needs a handsome, courageous prince which the readers love and becomes the hero of the story. In The Sleeping Beauty... the prince is destined by love and honor to conquer the thick woods and go find the princess and bring her back to life. In the Briar Rose, Josef is known to be a handsome man, He is shown as an accidental hero, who joins the partisans when he finds and joins some prisoners planning an escape. His adventures with the partisans enable him to become a hero. He is the one who persuades the rest to attempt to save some of the Chelmno victims - and thus is responsible for helping save Gemma, the Ksiezniczka. Eventually, when Gemma's young husband Aron has died and she is pregnant, Josef helps her escape.

Sleeping Beauty had a curse put on her by a mean old Fairy that she would prick her hand on a spindle and die but then that was overturned by another fairy who said she would merely just fall asleep for 100 years until she is awaken by a prince. Gemma on the other hand was a child who we do not know the past of, who was left for dead by the Nazi's in a pit because she was Jewish. It was at the right moment that Josef arrived and saved her from death with CPR which Gemma called, The Kiss Of Life.

The prince had to go through the woods in which only he was allowed to enter. As his journey continued through the woods he noticed a frightful silence and there was nothing to be seen but bodies of men and animals, all seeming to be dead, but he realize they were just sleeping. He then continued forward to the castle to find the princess who had awakened to his presence. Josef's experience was somewhat similar. He crossed a harrowing field, he walked up to a pit in the deepening dark and stared down at bodies that were all lifeless, their mouths were open in silenced screams. He then saw a young girl breathing and proceeded to help her as he was giving her CPR she came back to life.

In The Sleeping Beauty... the prince goes off to fight...
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