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Topics: Snow White, Queen, Prince Pages: 3 (1001 words) Published: September 23, 2012
Sleeping Beauty and Snow White

Sleeping Beauty and Snow White
Princesses are a staple in most young girl’s life they teach valuable lessons, have several morals, and actually have a lot in common. Snow White and Sleeping Beauty are two princesses who seem to have a lot of differences, but in reality have a lot of similarities. These two princesses were born of what seems to be pure magic, they always got help in their worst moments, and they both teach everyone valuable lessons. Sleeping beauty and snow white are everything young girls strive to become before they meet reality.

Sleeping Beauty and Snow White were both great blessings and miracles to their parents. Sleeping Beauty’s parents tried to conceive for years without luck, until one day a frog came to them and said, “Within a year a princess will be born.” Within that year the king and queen did have a daughter. Snow Whites birth was a miracle because one day the queen was sitting in front of ebony window sewing, when she pricked herself with the needle and three drops of blood fell onto the snow white ground. She thought to herself how she wished she could have a daughter white as snow, red as blood, and as black as the ebony window. Later that year she was blessed with a baby girl who had skin as white as snow, lips red as blood, and hair black as ebony and named her Snow White. Both Sleeping Beauty and Snow White had miraculous births and won the hearts of their kingdoms and on the day they were born. Unfortunately, Snow White’s mother died from her wish and never saw how truly beautiful her daughter was destined to become, and her father married an evil queen. Sleeping Beauty had a dinner in her honor where she was blessed 12 different times and cursed once. These two princesses were helped in very different ways, but they were hurt in similar ways. The person who hurt Snow White was the queen. The evil queen was very envious of Snow White’s beauty because she was no longer “the Fairest of...
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