Composition for Bc English 12 Provincial Exam

Topics: Kill, Mother, Parent Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: October 8, 2012
The sun is shining brightly. The children are playing funny game at the entrance to the village. Suddenly, the fierce gale springs up and some sprinkles are falling down, as though the sky is crying. Maybe after 1 minutes, every parents finding their own children and asks them go back home as soon as possible and they looks extreme nervous and afraid. “HURRY UP! They are coming! Wen, what are you doing? Do not take anything away! Just go to the cellar!” Mrs. Liu says in a low voice and carefully. “Ok, mum, I’m coming.” Wen doesn’t get anything even though her favorite toy, a shuttlecock, and then as quickly as she can to go into the cellar, like a thief hears the police whistle. “Mum? Will the Japanese coming?” Wen is too jittery to ask her mother whispered. “Yes, they want to kill us, because we are Chinese, so be quiet and caring for your little brother. Ok?” Mrs. Liu beats into Wen and blankets the door of the cellar so that Japanese cannot find them.

Since 1937, Japanese Armies entered into the territory of China, and purposed to capture China. However, Chinese never allow them to pillage our territory. Even though, Japanese still want to capture China and try to kill more Chinese. Such as yesterday, a Chinese solider killed a squadron leader of the Japanese Army. Today, Japanese start searching that Chinese man, for avenging and killing Chinese. When Wen hides into the cellar, she doesn’t get her favorite toy, shuttlecock with her. That shuttlecock is her birthday gift which is made by Mrs. Liu when Wen was 5 years old, she really loves it.

“Bang, Bang, Bang! Hoot, Hoot, Hoot!” The gunshots break the tranquil village and the sounds of the truck remind people Japanese are coming now. Mrs. Liu holds tightly Wen and her little brother. Her body is shivering, and a lot of sweats are coming from forehead and palm. The serious breath breaks the silent environment of cellar. Her sight never leaves the door of the cellar straight.

“Bang! Search!” The...
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