Topics: Hybrid electric bus, Toronto, Public transport Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: April 11, 2013
The Toronto Transit Commission sounds like a big corporation that cares for their customers, provides valued transportation and helps everyone arrive on time; well none of those statements were true. It seems that we pay quite a lot through our taxes and fares but only receive mediocre services. I saw this ad the other day and it said “would you pay more for better TTC services” I couldn’t help but laugh at how the transit commission already acknowledges they’re horrible services and demand we pay more for most likely the same result. The TTC needs to upgrade their busing system, develop better passenger atmosphere and stop repairing the same tracks. Toronto’s transportation is probably known throughout the world because when tourists for example French tourists can go to opposite ends of the city within minutes and when they’re on board the TTC they know they’re in for a long ride. I can’t help but to get frustrated when I get up in the morning and see not one but 2 buses bumper’s touching each other past the stop I get on and wonder why, TTC god are you hurting me I was a good kid all year why must I be punished so brutally. Every bus in my neighbourhood is approximately 10 minutes apart so if I do some math I’m out 20 minutes and ready to give Reshma that late slip. The TTC needs to generally improve their busing system throughout the city especially where I live. Another big issue that surrounds the word TTC is the passengers. It seems most torontians feel like they’re trip is more important than everyone else but at 8 am nobody can afford to waste a minute because the bus driver holds the bus to tell people to move back, but no “I’m in a hurry I have to be near the doors” said by the woman with the fake Gucci bag. We can’t forget that man, you know what I’m talking about, the guy that you’re unfortunately facing his arm pits with no way out, who seems to sweat in the middle of January and probably broke through his deodorant already. Maybe after I...
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