Torontos Subway

Topics: Toronto, Greater Toronto Area, Toronto Transit Commission Pages: 4 (1118 words) Published: April 23, 2013

Toronto’s Subway- Time to Expand
All over the world, underground subway systems are relied on by millions of commuters to get to where they need to be on a daily basis. Large cities are defined by their public transit system and in many cities they are the “go to” method of transportation through the city. In New York City (NYC), the fastest way to commute is by underground subway and the NYC subway transports about 7.5 million people every day. There are many benefits from having a very good and current subway system in a growing city and a city that needs to make changes is Toronto. Toronto needs to expand the underground Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) subway in order to ensure pubic transit is a viable option for individuals in the future by making it will make the daily commute easier and faster, reduce pollution and provide a more cost effective method of transportation. The current Toronto subway system needs to make a commitment to expand its lines north, east and west so that the citizens can be encouraged to choose the TTC giving them an easier, faster and more reliable method for their daily travels. Toronto is one of two cities in Canada that currently has a subway system and studies have shown that it is the most accessible way of transportation within the city. Each day an average of about 2.7 million people rely on the TTC to get to work, school and their every day destinations. Expanding the existing subway lines will create a less confined and congested system by offering more choice to citizens of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Toronto’s down town core is a very busy place and is considered the financial hub of Canada. Each day many business workers fly in and out of Pearson International Airport and make their way to the financial district, typically by taxi or car rental. Having a subway line from the Pearson Airport into the city will provide a significant enhancement to the TTC for both visitors and the citizens of Toronto and...
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