Racism: White American and Hispanics

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  • Published : August 20, 2013
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Racism/Stereotypes Paper
Stereotypes of African Americans
1. African Americans love fried chicken, hot sauce, and grape soda. 2. Large populations of African Americans are lazy and uneducated. 3. They are obsessed with their television shows.
4. African Americans sag their pants and wear clothes that are too big. 5. African Americans drop more money on their hair (Weave, perm, braids, etc.) than their own house bill. 6. African Americans only listen to hard core rap music.

7. African Americans still to this day pull the racism card because of slavery. 8. A lot of African Americans are in the welfare system.
9. African Americans travel in “heards”.
10. African Americans live in the “ghetto” or the more trashy part of town. 11. African Americans are great athletes.
12. African Americans can run fast and jump out of the gym. 13. African Americans always get themselves into fights but both men and women can back themselves up. 14. African Americans are involved in gang violence.

Stereotypes of Native Americans:
1. Native Americans are all drunks.
2. Native Americans get checks from the government for being a Native American. 3. Native Americans own casinos.
4. Native Americans are not educated.
5. Native Americans can talk to the animals.
6. Native Americans have herbs that can heal anything.
7. Native Americans live on reservations.
8. Native Americans have really long hair.
9. Native Americans smoke the peace pipe.
10. Native Americans speak a broken language.
Stereotypes of Hispanic Americans:
1. Hispanics can cook well.
2. Hispanics are all landscapers, construction workers, maids or bus boys. 3. Hispanics have a lot of kids.
4. Hispanics speak terrible English, if any.
5. Most Hispanics are illegal citizens.
6. Hispanics are involved in gang and drug violence.
7. Hispanics take away American jobs.
8. Hispanics are ill mannered.