The Injustices of Being Mexican

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  • Published : September 12, 2010
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The Injustices of being a Mexican
[ September 12, 2010 ]

The injustices of being a Mexican Throughout the course of history, United States has been home to millions of immigrants from every country in the world. In particular, Latino immigrants are the highest number of immigrants presently in the United States. Latino and African-American immigrants,have suffered the most injustices than any other culture. Injustices, that comes from every type and form of racial and ethnic discrimination. The impact that this subordinate group has made on the economy, education, justice system, and population is undeniably tremendous. Did the United States discriminate more, towards the Mexican-American immigrants than an any other minority group? Immigration of Mexican-Americans

During the Mexican-American War (1846-1848), the United States conquered and took much of the Southwest area from Mexico. For any of the Mexicans that lived in those areas, were subject to discrimination. Mexicans, entered American society, as a “conquered-people”. Labeled as “illegal immigrants”, the start of injustices in the form of discrimination began. In the Unites States, racism and discrimination is a major issue, starting back during the colonial era. Racist attitudes and prejudices are held by a huge portion of the population in the United States. The majority according to statistics, 32.5 million foreign-born people are from Latin America, specifically Mexico. Segregation, Discrimination, and Racism Mexican-American immigrants suffered many injustices, here in the U.S., especially during the Great Depression. During this era, the United States sponsored a Mexican Repatriation Act, that encouraged all Mexican immigrants to go back to Mexico voluntarily. However, many were removed by force, and beaten. The Zoot Suit Riots (1943), were racial violence issues against Latinos (e.g....
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