Hispanic Immigrants: Victims of Discrimination

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  • Published : November 26, 2012
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Hispanic Immigrants:
Victims of Discrimination
Kathleen Juarbe-Gorgas
Professor Dettmann
October 21, 2010

United States is the land of immigrants or the land of white people? Based on the U.S. history when Christopher Columbus discovers America, the Europeans start immigrant for better opportunities. The Native Indians was the owner of this land but the European took it over. As a consequence of the slavery, people from other countries came to U.S. to work either voluntary or involuntary. As a result in today society we have all the diversity in ethnicity. However the immigrant get here, they have a common goal achieve the American dream. So, if this country has been build with immigrants why Americans discriminate against them? Immigration is a serious issue in U.S. because they’re many cases of illegal immigration. The society makes the American dream almost impossible to any immigrant but especially to the Hispanics.

The Americans argue that the Hispanics immigrant come here to commit crimes. Rape, kidnapping, homicides, drug dealers and robbery are some of common crimes commit by Hispanics immigrants. A popular federal crime between illegal immigrants is identity theft. Identity theft is when somebody stole social security cards, birth certificates, identification cards, driver licenses and any other type of identification that can be misused or falsify. On occasion the anti-immigrants have horrible experiences with the illegal immigrant that make them discriminated against all. (Background on discrimination against immigrants, 2009) Also, the anti-immigrant protest that the immigrant stole the Americans works for a less pay.

The American thinks that Hispanic immigrants are all the same; they’re illegal and come to this country to commit crimes. But the Hispanic immigrants come to this country to achieve the American dream. Most of the time they move to U.S. to have better opportunities...
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