Rabbit Proof Fence Essay Ncea Level 1

Topics: Indigenous Australians, Rabbit-Proof Fence, Close-up Pages: 3 (902 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Analyse how important techniques are used to engage your emotions in the RPF

Rabbit Proof Fence is a bio pic film based on three Aboriginal girls living in Western Australia during the time of the Stolen Generation in the 1930’s. The director Phillip Noyce purpose of creating this film was to inform the audience of the way these Aboriginal children and their families were treated. Throughout the film Noyce successfully uses a range of important techniques such as music, dialogue, and camera techniques to engage the audience’s emotions with the three girls.

In 1909 the Australian Government introduced a policy that was later called the Stolen Generation. This policy consisted of the Australian authorities being able to abduct half-caste Aboriginal children from their families. In the Rabbit Proof Fence three half caste Aboriginal girls, Molly (14yo) her sister Daisy (8yo) and their cousin Gracie (10yo) are abducted from their hometown, Jigalong by white authorities. They are then transported to a camp 1500miles away from their home, where they are forced to be brought up like European children with Christian faith. After one week of being treated like slaves the eldest, Molly encourages the other two girls that they need to escape. These girls face a three week journey of torment, which no other girls the same age would have lasted. The Stolen Generation was later abolished in 1969 and people all over the world were shocked the way these Aboriginal people were treated.

In the Abduction scene of Molly, Noyce creates a sense of tension by using cross cutting, fast paced music and reaction shots. Noyce does this to create emotions such as anger against the authorities, and to show how poorly these Aboriginal people were treated during the Stolen Generation period. A perfect example of in this scene is when Noyce uses a hand held camera as Constable Briggs snatches the children from their mothers, and throws them into the back of the car. By the use of the...
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