Quote Bank on 'All Quiet on the Western Front

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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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All Quiet on the Western Front: Quote Bank|
Chapter| Page Number| Quote| Analysis|
Chpt 1| Pg 8| “… But it wasn’t easy to stay out of it because at that time even our parents used the word ‘coward’ at the drop of a hat. People simply didn’t have the slightest idea of what was coming. As a matter of fact it was the poorest and simplest people who were most sensible”| * Theme: Betrayal| | Pg 9| “ While they went on writing and making speeches, we saw field hospitals and men dying: while they preached the service of the state as the greatest thing, we already knew that the fear of death is even greater.”| * | | | “Suddenly we found ourselves horribly alone – and we had to come to terms with it alone as well.”| | | Pg 13| “Young men of iron. Young? None of us is more than twenty. But young? Young men? That was a long time ago. We are old now”| * Ideology: The lost generation * They are forced to grow up due to the brutality and violence they experienced first-hand. * | Chpt 2| Pg 14| “The war swept us away. For the other, for the old men, the war is an interruption.”| * Ideology: The lost generation * They weren’t able to experience life and to grow up and experience ‘normal’ * | | | “All we know for the moment is that in some strange and melancholy way we have become hardened, although we don’t often feel sad about it anymore.”| | | Pg 15| “We have lost our ability to see things in other ways, because they are artificial. For us, it is only the facts that count. And good boots are hard to come by.”| * In reference to the ‘flying boots’ * Ideology: self-interest | | Pg 16| “With our young, wide-open eyes we saw that the classical notion of patriotism we had heard from our teachers meant, in practical terms at that moment, surrendering our individual personalities more completely than we would ever have believed possible.”| * Theme: betrayal | | Pg 19| “We became tough, suspicious, hardhearted, vengeful and rough – and a good thing too, because they were just the qualities we needed.”| * | | | “We didn’t break; we adapted. The fact that we were only twenty helped us to do that,”| * | | | “, we developed a firm, practical feeling of solidarity, which grew, on the battlefield, into the best thing that the war produced – comradeship in arms.”| * | | Pg 20| “His lips are pallid, his mouth got bigger and his teeth look very prominent, as if they were made of chalk. His flesh is melting away, his forehead is higher, his cheekbones more pronounced. The skeleton is working its way to the surface. His eyes are sinking already. In a few hours it will all be over.”| * Imagery, (Franz) * Paul is personifying death| | Pg 22| “; now he is all alone with his short life of nineteen short years, and he is crying because it is slipping away from him.”| * | Chpt 3| Pg 25| “’ Have you seen the kids?’”| * Kropp is addressing the new recruits as ‘kids’ because they came straight from the ‘recruiting depots’ * ‘kids’ aren’t meant to go to war| | Pg 30| (Kat) “’If you offer a man a bit of power, the same thing happens; he’ll grab it. It’s instinctive, because when it comes down to it, a man is basically a beast.’”| * | | Pg 31 | “The bad thing is that they’ve all got far too much power: a corporal can harass a private, a lieutenant can harass an NCO …”| * Bullying and disrespect happens in the army, not as honourable as it is portrayed. * | Chpt 4| Pg 37| “We feel as if something inside us, in our blood, has been switched on. That’s not just a phrase it’s a fact”| * The ‘animalistic instinct’ that they switch on when they are at the front of the line * | | | “The moment we hear the whistle of the first shells, or when the air is torn by artillery fire, a tense expectancy suddenly gets into our veins, our hands and our eyes, a readiness, a heightened wakefulness strange suppleness of the sense....
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