Clothes Can Tell a Lot About a Person

Topics: Robinson Crusoe, Saw Pages: 5 (1814 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Prisoners Freed
Chapter: 27
Page: 217
"My island was now peopled, and I thought myself very rich in subjects; and it was a merry reflection, which I frequently made, how like a king I looked. First of all, the whole country was my own mere property, so that I had an undoubted right of dominion. Secondly, my people were perfectly subjected. I was absolute lord and lawgiver, they all owed their lives to me, and were ready to lay down their lives, if there had been occasion of it, for me. It was remark-able, too, we had but three subjects, and they were of three different religions. My man Friday was a Protestant, his father was a Pagan and a cannibal. And the Spaniard was a papist. However, I allowed liberty of conscience throughout my dominions. But this is by the way." -Robinson here start to talk about how he's very comfortable and happy of his island and his people that they allowed their lives to him, and mention that he allowed liberty of conscience throughout his dominions. "religious freedom"

Chapter: 27
Page: 220-221
"He told me they were all of them very civil, honest men, and they were under the greatest distress imaginable, having neither weapons nor clothes, nor any food, but at the mercy and discretion of the savages; out of all hopes of ever returning to their own country; and that he was sure, if I would undertake their relief, they would live and die by me."

- When Robinson was afraid of the Spaniard's men and he might be ill used for his kindness to them and make his case worse than it was before the Spaniard start to tell him about their case and their condition after that Robinson resolved to venture to relieve them.

Chapter: 27
"I was fast asleep in my hutch one morning, when my man Friday came running in to me, and called aloud, "Master, master, they are come, they are come!" I jumped up, and regardless of danger I went, as soon as I could get my clothes on, through my little grove, which, by the way, was by this time grown to be a very thick wood; I say, regardless of danger I went without my arms, which was not my custom to do; but I was surprised when, turning my eyes to the sea, I presently saw a boat at about a league and a half distance, standing in for the shore, with a shoulder-of-mutton sail, as they call it, and the wind blowing pretty fair to bring them in: also I observed, presently, that they did not come from that side which the shore lay on, but from the southernmost end of the island. Upon this I called Friday in, and bade him lie close, for these were not the people we looked for, and that we might not know yet whether they were friends or enemies."

-Here when Robinson jumped up and went out without his arms. He thought that the boat is for his friend but he found out that they're an Englishmen. He was onfused because they might be his countrymen and friends or enemies and because of that he starts to observe them.

Chapter: 28
Page: 226-227

"This put me in mind of the first time when I came on shore, and began to look about me; how I gave myself over for lost; how wildly I looked round me; what dreadful apprehensions I had; and how I lodged in the tree all night for fear of being devoured by wild beasts." -Robinson said that after he saw three prisoners with the Englishmen and after he observed the outrageous usage by the seamen they remind him of himself.

Chapter: 28
Page: 228-229

"I came as near them undiscovered as I could, and then, before any of them saw me, I called aloud to them in Spanish, "What are ye, gentlemen?" They started up at the noise, but were ten times more confounded when they saw me, and the uncouth figure that I made. They made no answer at all, but I thought I perceived them just going to fly from me, when I spoke to them in English. "Gentlemen," said I, "do not be surprised at me; perhaps you may have a friend near when you did not expect it." "He must be sent directly from heaven then," said one of them very gravely...
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