Managing Generation

Topics: Baby boomer, Cultural generations, World War II Pages: 7 (2538 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Part One:  REVIEW from readings

Describe the Silent Generation. What social, economic, and political issues affected this generation? The Silent Generation is a generation of people born in the United States between roughly 1923 and the early 1940s.Tthis generation people are also known as the traditionalist. This generation has largest lobbyist group and many are the members of AARP (American Association of Retired Person) meaning majority of people of this generation are retirees. Silents are about 95% retired at this point. We can say that in a few short years virtually no Silent will command an industry, a battlefield, anything at this entire population group is the largest voting population. The silent generation is also known for starting for nothing and then gaining it all. This generation experienced both the great depression and the Second World War. Members of this generation experienced vast cultural shifts in the United States, and many of them struggled with conflicted morals, ideas, and desires. Members of this generation either fought in World War 2 or were children. The behaviors of the members in this generation are based on their experiences during the great depression and World War 2. These generation people want to feel needed. They follow the traditional family rules. Religion was important and people followed it. These generation people are patriotic, have patience and are team players. Respect was very important. People followed their family traditions and values. Children’s had chores to finish and they had to listen to their parents. Education was a dream. The technology was not developed. There were no computer or touch tone phones. Marriage was an important part of life. Sex before marriage was unacceptable. Even though this generation is named as silent generation, many activists came out during this generation. Many revolutionary leaders in the civil rights movement came from this group, along with a wide assortment of artists and writers who fundamentally changed the arts in America. There were fewer jobs and there was financial and global insecurity at this time. They stayed in their work place for long years. There was no formal training or education related to work. These generation people are hard workers, who respect the authority and keep work before fun. These focus in getting things done and advancing their careers even while they struggled in their day to day life. During this generation men worked and women stayed home to raise their children. During 1920 and 1930 people had fewer children. Identities for children of this era were not clearly defined due to social ambiguities, which stemmed from economic losses in all social classes. Children in this era were seen but not heard. Hence this generation is comparatively small then the other generation. There was less competition. This generation coped with the growing civil rights movement, the women’s liberation movement, cold war and the explosion of baby boomers. Many individual also went through different internal conflicts. People listened to swing, jazz, Beatnik and rock and roll music in this generation Describe the Baby Boomer Generation. What social, economic, and political issues affected this generation? The Baby Boomer Generation is the name given to persons born between “1947 and 1966” and was seen as the last generation that effected any great changes on American society. The people of this generation grew up during the civil rights movement and the cold war. This generation was distinguishable by a significant increase in birth rates following World War II and is seen as one of the largest generations in the U.S. population this generation is now starting to get to the age of retirement and are beginning to represent a large number of people which will need the services of the current health care system. This generation is the single largest economic group and is also known as empty nesters. Baby...
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