Quikr vs Olx

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Before you sit down to plan the future of your club’s marketing activities, you need to take stock of where your club is now and why you are there. One useful way to get a clear picture of where your club currently sits is by using a SWOT analysis.

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. By using the SWOT analysis you can identify where your club stands in the market, which provides a useful launch pad for making future marketing plans. Take the time to work through the SWOT process carefully and you will have a clearer idea of:

• The things your club does well, and the things you need to improve on (strengths and opportunities). • What types of competition exist for your club and which ones can be defended (strengths and threats) • Whether your club needs to change the product itself to protect from outside influences (weaknesses and threats) • Which issues your club needs to make as its priorities (weaknesses and opportunities).

When you look at the strengths, concentrate on the club itself and whether it can achieve the outcomes you want. Examples of strengths include: • Strong financial base.
• Strong local need for your product, many new members, etc. • Group of skilled volunteers.
• Support from local businesses, politicians, etc.
• Well-equipped clubhouse.
• Committee is well-structured, enthusiastic, capable, etc. Weaknesses
Weaknesses often appear as the direct opposite of the strengths listed above and include: • Weak financial base.
• Diminishing need or desire for your product, fewer new members, etc. • Few volunteers.
• No support from local businesses, politicians, etc.
• Out of date ill equipped clubhouse.
• Committee is poorly structured, overworked, disinterested, etc.

Opportunities refer to the possibilities of new growth because of the changes in the external environment and can...
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