Legislation to Promote Outcome Based Practice

Topics: Management Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: September 7, 2012
Unit 510 Lead and manage a team

Agnes Rochester
Several years ago I was put forward by my manager to complete a NEBSM (national educational board of supervisory management ) certificated course, through this course I was introduced to Belbin’s theory in management and team roles, I use these theories today whilst managing the staff/team employed by the company.

Features of effective team performance, are having the team interacting and empowering each other through discussion and suggestion, this enables the team through meetings and every day events to put ideas forward and develop them to see what works and what does not, as some people believe that they way they do things is the only way which is not the case.

There are several challenges’ that can form between developing and established teams, as everyone has their strengths but with that comes some allowable weakness. When these are identified it is my job to nurture strengths and set goals to overcome any weaknesses I do this through observation, meetings, supervision and appraisals. Also through ongoing course work to keep up to date with legislation and any changes to legislation to comply with CQC At present I have two members of my team engaged in completing NVQ 4 team leading which will assist them others and myself in the daily running of the business, I have another team member engaged in her NVQ2 and 3 in care. Personal experience, political, cultural and values can be a challenge to some team members (in a rebellious or defiant way towards others). The value of teams is to form contributions from all to meet the demands of tasks at hand and if possible in the foreseeable future. Personalities can clash as a team member may think they are being criticised, if this is the case I will explain to all that constructive criticism is welcome and if they think it is personal to come and see me, as some other members of the team may not know how to put views across in a way not to offend...
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