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Dear Sir/Madam,
We are conducting this survey as a part of our MBA program from Indian School Of Mines. The purpose of this survey is to study the “Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on brand Image of PEPSI”. Please spare some time to answer the following questions. Your responses shall be used for the purpose of research only and shall be kept confidential. Q 1] Are you aware of the brand PEPSI?

A] Yes B] No yes

Q 2] Have you ever drink PEPSI?
A] Yes B] No ____yes__

Q 3] How much you are concerned about your choice of different brands of cold drinks? A] Highly concerned B] Some-what concerned C] Neutral D] Least E] None concerned. B

Q 4] Identify the brands from the taglines mentioned below? A] Yehhaiyoungistaanmerijaan _________PEPSI__________________ B] SeediBaat, No bakwaas, Clear hai _______SPRITE_________________ C] Taste the thunder _____________THUMSUP_________________________ D] ThandaMatlab __________COCA COLA_____________________________

Q 5] Which soft drink brands do the following celebrities endorse? A] Aamir Khan ____________________COCA COLA__________________ B] Akshay Kumar _____________THUMS-UP_______________________ C] RanbirKapoor __________PEPSI__________________________ D] MalikaSherawat __________________________________ E] Katrina Kaif ____________SLICE___________________________

Q 6] which factors are important while you are purchasing PEPSI? Where 5=highest and 1= lowest and others being the intermediate values ATTRIBUTES | 5| 4| 3| 2| 1|
Price | | | 3| | |
Quality | | 4| | | |
Availability | | 4| | | |
Taste | | 4| | | |
Celebrity endorsing| | | | 2| |

Q7) Please answer the...
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