Questionnaire (Social Networking Sites)

Social networking service

Manuel V. Gallego Foundation Colleges, Inc.
Cabanatuan City
A.Y. 2010 – 2011

Social Networking Sites: Medium of Communication Online and Its Effects on Student’s Life


Part I. Personal Information
Directions:Please provide the information needed by placing a check (√) on the space provided before each item.

Name: (optional) ________________________________________________________ Evaluator:
( ) College Student
( ) High School Student

( ) Male( ) Female

Age in Years:
( ) Below 12( ) 18 – 25
( ) 12 – 17( ) 26 and above

Multi media used in Communication Online:
( ) Computer
( ) Mobile Phone
( ) Others please specify__________________________________

Account(s) on Social Networking Sites:
( ) Facebook( ) Friendster
( ) MySpace( ) LinkedIn
( ) Twitter( ) Others _________________

Hour(s) spent in Surfing these Social Networking Sites: _______________

Reason(s) for Signing Up to these kinds of sites:
( ) Reaching out your far distant relatives and friends
( ) Current Trend
( ) Acquire new Friends or Gain new Acquaintances
( ) To be able to use the applications or special features provide by these sites.
( ) Others please specify__________________________________

Part II. Perceptions on Social Networking Sites
Directions:The questions below served as a guide to show the effects of social networking sites (SNS) in student’s life. Please indicate your response by placing a check opposite each item under the appropriate column using the following response:


No.Item StatementsResponse
1.Have you ever experienced that you neglect the time elapsed while socializing online? 2.Do you spend more time in socializing online than...
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