Questionnaire on Facebook Usage

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Objectives of this questionnaire|
The motive of this questionnaire is simply to do a thorough research and detailed review on the behavioural analysis of different users towards Facebook. This questionnaire has 4 sections. Each section has sets of options to choose from. Instructions are provided for each section. Personal details|

Please tick (√) one answer only.
* Male
* Female
Age group
* 17-20
* 21-24
* 25-28
* 29 years and above
Please specify your profession
* Student
* Employee
* Self-employed
* Others (please specify: _________________________________________) How many hours do you normally spent on the internet daily?
* Less than an hour
* More than an hour
* 5- 6 hours
* 6-12 hours
* Depends on my mood
How long have you been engaging on ANY social networking sites? * Less than a year
* 1-2 years
* 3-5 years
* 6-10 years
* More than 10 years

How did you come to know/heard of Facebook?
* Friends
* Email Invites
* Websites that have Facbook links
* I’m not sure, it just became an in-thing to join
* Others (please specify:_________________________________________________) How long have you been a member of Facebook?
* Less than a year
* 1-2 years
* 3-5 years
* Ever since it hit the mainstream in 2002
How often do you log in to your Facebook in a day?
* Once
* 2-3 times
* 4-5 times
* 6-10 times
* I lost count, too many times

Facebook Usage|
Please rank your top three choices. (1=first choice, 2=second choice, and 3=third choice) 1. Based on the following activities, which do you perform most on Facebook? * Play games
* Chat via Facebook chat/ Message friends
* Poke/Nudge friends for fun
* Share videos/links of interesting site
* To post an opinion/a thought/statement
* Date online/Look for singles
* Take a survey/quiz on friends
* View interesting items to purchase
* Join communities/groups
* Post on friends’ walls/Check friends’ updates
* Randomly add unknowns
* Others (please specify:_________________________________________________)

2. From which of the following sources would you prefer to receive most of your information about the happenings around the world? * Facebook
* Newspaper
* Magazines
* News Broadcast
* Radio
* Official News Sites (, etc)
* Others (please specify:_________________________________________________) -------------------------------------------------

Facebook Experience|
Please tick (√) the best ONE answer only.
1. Among the following, which best describes why you engage in Facebook? * To keep in touch with my friends
* To keep up to date with the ongoing trend
* To keep in track of the upcoming events invitations
* To regularly get update from the group/community/affiliations I join * To feel belonged and avoid boredom
* To view new trends and items in the market for purchase * To chat and make new friends
* Others (please specify:___________________________________________)

2. Upon logging in Facebook, what is the first thing you do? * Read the news feeds
* Check my friend requests
* Go to my profile to update a status
* Check my groups/affiliations/community updates
* Check on upcoming events
* Check my messages/open up chats
* Check new items that can be purchase
* Go to Facebook pages that relates to happenings of the world (The Star, CNN, BBC etc) * Others (please specify:___________________________________________)

3. How do you feel about the information/news posted on Facebook regarding the happenings of the world? * Always believable
* Usually believable
* Believable half of the time
* Usually can’t believe
* Almost never believe it

4. How many groups/communities/affiliations on Facebook are you currently...
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