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  • Published: January 24, 2014
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Derby Clothing Pvt Ltd, Chennai

The company was established in the year 1994 as a small design studio in a 200 sq. Ft. Space in Chennai; today derby makes its presence through 33 exclusive stores & 238 multibrand outlets across the southern states.

Until 2008, the brand’s presence was confined to a single outlet in Chennai. Post 2008, the brand has spread its wings methodically not only in geographic spread but also in its product profile. 

The brand’s journey to its present size is in fact a mirror image of its promoter’s vision of life- positive, never-say-die & full of life. Mr Vijay Kapoor, the 37 year old managing director of the company, started life in a very humble way as a salesman selling concepts. Today, his vision has turned a phenomenal success that “derby” is. 


In 1994, Vijay Kapoor wanted to launch a strikingly different menswear brand. He was looking for a stand-out name. He chose DERBY. Because the name sounded international. And it cued adventure, fun, competitiveness, a daring spirit and above all was very macho. The ground rules were very clear. Instead of being all things to everybody, DERBY decided to stay focused on men who seek the very best in whatever they do, whatever they buy. When DERBY entered the fashion market, the field was crowded. But there was no brand offering choice and class in the semi-format segment at an affordable price. DERBY plugged this gap. When it was fashionable for apparel brands to be available at multi-brand outlets, DERBY chose the Exclusive Store route. And consequently, the DERBY Flagship Stores were born. In multi-brand outlets, DERBY opted for a shop-within-a-shop strategy to maintain the air of exclusivity.

Derby does not just sell a commodity. It welcomes every new member into a community that stands for freedom & success. Derby Jeans Community is the only brand in the world that works on adding believers rather than just selling to customers....
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