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Marketing Management
Case Analysis

Q. What are the reasons for Raja's success and Maya's failure?

| Raja| Maya|
Cost| * The product was perceived to be better than the free condoms distributed by the government, still emerging as affordable to the masses. * The low cost offers a profit margin to the distributers of the product whose substitutes are otherwise available for free. | * The low price of Maya is leading to reinforce the image of the product as being of low quality despite of it being a high quality drug. * The low cost offers a low profit margin to the distributers of the product and further discouraging them to market it.| | Raja| Maya|

Communication| * The communication strategy was well placed to target the male population. * The name “Raja” suggests an attempt to appeal to the male masculinity, bravery and power. * Resemblance of the brand to playing cards gave it easy recognition and better understanding amongst the people.| * Need to be targeted at the men, as 80% of the products for women are purchased by men. * The Medical practitioners and RMPs were not taken into confidence. They were also misinformed about the product’s effectiveness. * Emergency Pills, though available without a prescription, are perceived as powerful drugs. However the strategy adopted was that of over the counter product.| Convenience| * Marketed was available at the retail stores, general stores and pan stores, thus rendering them easy availability * Fewer inhibitions to buy the product.| * Maya is available at general stores, pan stores and the pharmacies. * More inhibitions since the powerful drug were easily available.| What is your plan for improving Maya sales? What are the implications of your suggested plan? Work out costs and other relevant figures for the same, wherever possible.

The basic observation which can be inferred from the case is how two products that have the same objective can vary at success levels if their marketing mix is not right. They products may be of good quality but it’s the marketing mix which delivers. To improve the sales of Maya; the following marketing strategies can be undertaken:

Include the RMPs in the network

Bangladesh enlists around 100000 Rural Medical Practitioners (RMP). Though they are not trained in western medicine and do not interact in English, they have a tremendous amount of working knowledge. They are also in constant touch with the professional doctors from whom they seek advices on different medical issues. The RMP’s are respected and highly regarded in rural Bangladesh. However, the RMP’s are either not well informed or misinformed about the product’s effectiveness. We would want to reach out to the RMPs in the country, inform them about the product Maya and seek their support for the same .We would encourage the RMPS to prescribe Maya to their patients and also educate them about the support needed to the patients in case of side effects. For this purpose, we can take the help of Medical Representatives (MR). The changes in the current marketing mix will be executed at the grass root level through the MR’s. RMP’s can thus act as a channel to promote Maya.

The medical practitioners should be informed about the product and its effectiveness which is currently lacking to a great extent. The doctors perceive it as a low quality product or they are not aware about it. The doctors can be briefed about the medical composition and drug action of Maya. They can also be asked to promote the product by prescribing or advising it to the people who use it. RMP’s tend to seek advice from the doctors and if properly communicated, the whole chain could promote the product.

Along with the doctors, the 25000 field workers can also help in promotion. The well trained field workers communicate the socio-economic benefits of family planning. The noble cause of this social marketing can aid them in...
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