Questionnaire About Generation Gap

Topics: Ageism, 2000 albums, Differences Pages: 2 (288 words) Published: May 2, 2013

1. Do you believe there is generation gap between the older and young generation? * Yes.
* No.
2. If yes, then what are the signs?
* Not enough respect.
* Lack of tolerance.
* Different mentalities.
3. When you are facing a generation gap issue, what do you do? * Talk about it.
* Fight.
* Run away.
* Forget about it.
4. What are most of your disagreements with your parents/children? * Hobbies and interests.
* Clothing style.
* Study performance or work.
* Money.
5. From the following, select one who has more generation gap issues? * Females.
* Males.
* Males-females.
6. Do you think differences/distances are being created between you and your parents due to generation gap? * Yes.
* No.
7. What do you do to keep a good relationship with your parents? * Communicate with them.
* Try to understand each other.
* Compromise with them when you disagree about something. 8. Which of the following is the biggest factor in parents and children having a difficult and distant relationship? * Differences in life experience.

* The age difference.
* Difference in values.
* Parents order you to do things; you do not want to do.

9. Who should make more steps to overcome generation gap? * Elder people.
* Youth.
10. Do you feel frustrated for little open mindedness in generation meeting? * Yes.
* No.
11. Does the other generation underestimate you?
* Yes.
* No.
12. Do you think gap can be positive?
* Yes.
* No.
13. Does the generation gap affect the relationship among people? * Yes.
* No.
14. Who is more affected in a negative way by the generation gap? * Old people.
* Young people.
15. Who should take decisions of your life?
* Parents.
* Yourself.
16. Do you think there should be more intergenerational relationship between people? Is this a right solution? * Yes....
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