Marriage and Family Week 1 Q&a

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  • Published : April 13, 2013
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Marriage and Family
Homework Assignment #1
Dashia Mack
DeVry University

Chapter 1 Question #3

What important changes in family patterns do you see today? Do you see positive changes, negative changes, or both? What do they mean for families, in your opinion?  
A: In today’s era family is become more of an anomaly. When I think back to the days of me being a child there a certain dynamics that I wish I could witness today in my children. For instance each day when I came from school it was mandated that I complete my homework before any other extracurricular activities.  There were no exceptions and in doing so I was able to keep a consistent GPA, remained disciplined and understood the importance of balance.   Unfortunately that’s not the case in many families as we now focus on athletics, talents, and interest as the primary focus. This shift has caused many of our youth to decline academically while hoping to be the next big sensation.  The down turn is that when then doesn’t happen we’re then faced with adult un-educated parties that are struggling to support themselves and or their families because of the lack of knowledge.  This clearly has a negative effect on society.  

Chapter 1 Question #4

What are some examples of a personal or family problem that is at least partly a result of problems in the society?

A: A few problems I find to be result of problems in society include:          State of the economy
         Single Parent Households
         Teenage Pregnancy
         High Crime
         Poor Educational System
         Lack of Mentors
Chapter 2 Question #2
Choose a magazine photo and analyze its content from one of the perspectives described in this chapter. Then analyze the photo from another theoretical perspective. How do your insights differ depending on which theoretical perspective is used? A: As I review the cover of Essence Magazine I noticed a photo of the first family including Barach, Michelle, Malia and...
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