Question and General Smuts

Topics: Question, Jan Smuts, Toilet Pages: 2 (412 words) Published: May 10, 2013
2.2: Protests for Indian Civil Rights 20.25 – 41.19

Exercise A: Answer the questions below.

1. Who comes to meet Gandhi at his ashram and ask him questions? * Mr. Walker, reporter from the New York time that comes to Gandhi, fictional person. 2. Why does Ba, Gandhi’s wife, say that she cannot clean the latrine (toilet)? * She was offended that she has to clean the toilet but Gandhi had to tell her to do so because he tried to demonstrate against the inequality. 3. Who does Gandhi lead in a strike?

* Salt mine,
4. Why don’t the horses trample the protesters?
* Protesters were lying on the ground so the horses could not step on them, cannot attack peaceful protesters. 5. What agreement do Gandhi and General Smuts make?
* Free the workers and remove the offensive laws such as fingerprint, pass, and getting into Indians’ houses without asking, but the condition is there won’t be more immigration of Indians.

Exercise B: True or False? If false, write a correct sentence.

1. The new laws require that all Indians must be fingerprinted. True 2. The new laws say that a policeman must receive permission to enter a house. False

3. Gandhi tells the audience that they should hit a policeman who dares to hit them first. False

4. Gandhi and thousands of protesters go to jail after the mining strike. True 5. When Charlie Andrews speaks about Gandhi during his sermon at church, the people listening are happy. False

6. General Smuts instructs his colleague to give Gandhi money for a taxi. True

Exercise C: Read the quotations and answer the questions in groups or as a class.

1. “Because they may torture my body, may break my bones, even kill me... They will then have my dead body — not my obedience.”

a) Who said this?
b) What does this mean?
2. “You are human – only human.”

c) Who said this?
d) Why did Gandhi get...
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