Quantitiative Report Nur 429

Topics: Chemotherapy, Cancer, Scientific method Pages: 3 (925 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Analysis of a Quantitative Research Report
Amelia De Froy
NUR 429
University of Phoenix

Article to be reviewed: Craddock T., Adams, P., Usui, W., & Mitchell, L. (1999). An intervention to increase use and effectiveness of self-care measures for breast cancer chemotherapy patients. Cancer Nursing, 22(4), 312-319. The problem this study was conducted to resolve appears to revolve around the fact that most chemotherapy treatments for cancer patients are done on an outpatient basis and that oncology nurses are faced with the challenge of providing The an overwhelming amount of basic information on the drugs, potential side effects, and measures to alleviate side effects in a limited amount of time. More of the problem would seem to be if the phone calls are made to patients as well as assessing their self-care agency levels before chemotherapy assists in better outcomes. This is an important problem for nursing to study in that implementing the interventions of phone calls, and pre-assessment could have direct impact on patient outcomes and the minimization of side effects of chemotherapy for breast cancer patients.

The purpose of this quasi-experimental study was to determine whether women who receive telephone calls and written instructions for self-care after chemotherapy will use more self-care than those women who receive standard care. The article also seeks to understand if women receiving chemotherapy for breast cancer who score higher on the Exercise of Self-Care Agency Scale, before chemotherapy used more and effective self-care measures during chemotherapy than women scoring lower on the scale.

The main question the research seems to be asking is whether or not the intervention of phone calls and oral and written self-care measures for specific side effects will use more self-care measures and have higher effectiveness scores a measured by the ESCQ after treatment, than those who only receive standard care,...
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