Reflective Practice in Oncology Nursing

Topics: Oncology, Cancer, Nursing Pages: 10 (3654 words) Published: October 18, 2010
Name of Programme:
BSc (Hons) Nursing

Student Name: Siti Aminah Ariffin
Student Number: J9168783

Name of Module
Acute Medical Care management

Module Code:
SDH 3010-N

Module leader:
Leslie Inayatullah

Assignment title
Reflective Essay

Date of submission
10th September 2010

Word count: 3485 words

Nursing as a profession is committed to the care of patients and families throughout health and illness and across all setting of care. Nurses assess and plan care to deal with the multidimensional range of needs for those faced with cancer. Nurses have been integrally concerned in efforts focused on cancer prevention, and they also are essential in the emerging area of clinical heredity for prevention and early detection of cancer. I am a staff nurse with more than ten years of experience in oncology department; I have developed the oncology nursing skill in a one of the private hospital in klang valley. I would like to bring out my inspiration in oncology nursing and its reflection in this essay. Every now and again a new environment and situation comes along which really does add something to our understanding of what reflection is really means. The topics are excellent and I get to understand reflections in new ways from those are at the support group in my team especially. This topic is very accessible and full of insightful thoughts of reflection; there is an interesting array of proven and successful oncology trained nurses who have provided with a unique of how they treat the cancer patients in their various situations. Somehow, it also provides a fascinating insight into the influences, experience and approaches towards the cancer patients its highly practical approach those who wanted to become a good “features” nurses. Rather than just theorize, let us put it into the practical realities of reflection; now let me explain the variety of practical approach that demonstrate the key elements for the reflection. First of all, reflection can be define as a one key ways in which we be able to learn from our experiences and being consciously mindful of self as nurses interact with others in context of the environment (Jasper.M, 2003, p1). A critically reflective consciousness involves reflectively thinking, knowing, acting and doing in the midst of attendance to human care needs especially in my department every day routinely deal with cancer patients that need psychology, physically, psychosocial support and advocacy for improvement their end-of-life care. Let me describe about my clinical place; according to Jaypee (2002, p1503), oncology means the branch of medicine that dealing with tumour, the medicine are chemotherapy or cytotoxic drugs. A chemotherapeutic agent used to treat cancer is poisons and cause risks to those handle them, primarily pharmacists and nurses (Jaypee, 2002, p393). Usually, only oncology practitioners specifically trained in chemotherapy administration should perform this task. Next, we look at what can chemotherapy do? ; Even though chemotherapy is toxic but in modern era this treatment become our first of choice and normally it depending on the type of cancer and how advanced the tumour is, chemotherapy can be used for different goals like firstly is to cure the cancer. The cancer is considered cured when patient remain free of evidence of cancer cells. Secondly is to control the cancer, means that this is done by keeping the cancer from spreading; slowing the cancer’s growth; and killing cancer cells that may spread to other part of the body from the original tumour. The last one is to relive symptoms that the cancer may cause; normally relieving symptoms such as pain can help patients live more comfortably. My role here as an oncology nurse the most important factor in reducing exposure is the use of proper protection when preparing and administering cytotoxic agents. Example for all our staff safety aspect, after washing hands all the staff should dons...
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