Quantitative vs. Qualititative Research

Topics: Research, Scientific method, Quantitative research Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: March 31, 2008
oAn organization with more than 90 "branches" needed information about community opinion to help develop its communications / lobbying efforts on a few specific issues. We completed a quantitative research project that showed the existing level of community knowledge about the issues and abut potential messages that would be well received. It also showed some misunderstandings that should be addressed by the communications program. We worked with the organization's leadership to develop a structured communication program built on the research findings. oA large retail organization was considering a new location for a store. We conducted research the retailer used to understanding opinions of residents about the new location and likelihood to shop at the new store. The information was presented at public hearings about establishment of the store. oA large healthcare organization wanted to know the impact of a specific communications program. We conducted quantitative research to indicate awareness of the brand, the message and patient receptivity to both. The organization used to information to fine-tune the format and messages of the program and to determine the effectiveness of specific media. oA national collegiate and alumni organization wanted to know how to segment their membership so that they could provide the most appropriate services for each segment. We conducted a nation-wide study of members and developed a profile of each segment. We identified the specific programs that would appeal to members in each segment, the programs in which they were most interested in supporting and the key messages that would best reach each segment. The organization used the research findings as part of their strategic planning for member services, marketing and fund raising. oA large healthcare organization needed to a name for a new program to be launched under the overarching brand umbrella. We completed an environmental analysis and conducted quantitative...
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