Quantitative Research Report

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  • Published: September 17, 2011
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Analyzing a Quantitative Research Report
Debbie Rhoads
Grand Canyon University
NRS 433 Introduction to Nursing Research August 20, 2011 Elaine Coulter Instructor/Facilitator

Analyzing a Quantitative Research Report
Black, L. M. (2011). Tragedy into policy: A quantitative study of nurses’ attitudes towards patient advocacy activities; American Journal of Nursing, 111(6); 26-35.

115 southern Nevada individuals were diagnosed with hepatitis c during the years 2007-2008. These individuals were patients at two different endoscopy clinics in southern Nevada. Investigators linked the virus exposure through reuse of contaminated medication vials, syringe reuse, and the reuse of bite blocks. Evidence gathered, also pointed to reluctance of nursing personal in reporting unsafe patient care conditions. This fact prompted another study, examining nurses' attitudes toward patient advocacy activities (Black, 2011). Purpose of study Results of the Las Vegas investigation indicated that nurses were aware of unsafe practices which were not reported. In addition to infection control and record keeping protocol breaches, there was concern regarding quality of safety and reporting attitudes of nurses. Data was collected from registered nurses in Nevada regarding work settings, reporting unsafe patient care conditions, prior reporting activities, and attitudes regarding patient safety (Black, 2011). Background

In 2007 six southern Nevada patients were diagnosed with hepatitis c within a six month period. This prompted an investigation into two endoscopy clinics. Investigators found several infection control and record keeping...
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