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No Health Without Mental Health: A Cross-Governmental
Mental health Outcome Strategy For People Of All Ages

Social Policy can be widely defined as the government’s response to dealing with issues such as health, social services and education, all of which influence and affect everyone within the welfare state (Cullingham, 2007). Social Policies are relevant with in nursing as they provide direction to all associates of nursing; ensure that nursing concepts are implemented through out practice. They are also accountable for informing the public and all other health professionals about the accountability and social responsibilities of nursing and the holistic contribution of nursing to health care (American Nurses Association, 2011).

In 2011 The Department of Health published the report No Health Without Mental Health: A Cross-Governmental Mental Health Outcome Strategy For People Of All Ages (HM Government 2011) supporting the Government’s aim of achieving a balance between mental and physical health, with the view that an individual’s mental health is central to their quality of life (HM Government 2011). This strategy is relevant in Mental Health nursing today as The Office for National Statistics (2009) discovered that one in four people will experience at least one diagnosable mental health problem at some point in their life and one in six adults experience a mental health problem at any one time. From these statistics it is evident to see that mental health has a significantly large impact on the population as a whole and subsequently influences the health and quality of lives of many individuals. One of the main objectives of this strategy is to is to improve both the physical and mental health of those suffering with a mental illness, promoting recovering and providing support to not only themselves but also to their family and friends (Department of Health 2011).

The strategy represents individuals of all ages and has been very significant in the mainstreaming of mental health in society today. It reinforces the Government’s aim of achieving equilibrium between physical and mental health, indicating the connections between mental health, housing, employment and education (National Mental Health Development Unit 2011). The No Health Without Mental Health Strategy contains six shared objectives that aspire to improve the mental health and the well being of the nation. These six outcomes strive to ensure that more people with mental health problems will have a good physical health by preventing avoidable harm and receive a positive experience of care and support, aiding them with their recovery. It also focuses on more people having a much better mental health by challenging the views and negative stigma attached to mental illness, supporting those who suffer with mental illness by providing high quality services and promoting opportunities (NMHDU 2011).

This assignment will aim to explore the reasoning behind the implementation of the policy and to whom the policy applies, including pressure groups and specific organizations that contributed to its creation. It will also focus on the relevance of the policy in nursing today, identifying the benefits and negative aspects of the strategy in relation to the application in nursing practice and ways in which the success of the policy can be determined. As this policy also applies to other health and social care professions and relevant groups for example, voluntary or patient led groups this assignment will also focus on how the No Health Without Mental Health Strategy affects these groups of people.

The publication of the No Health Without Mental Health Strategy resulted after the publication of the White Paper, Healthy Lives, Healthy People, published in November 2010. This report found that 1.6 million people in Britain are alcohol dependant, with smoking claiming over 80,000 lives every year and that poor mental health is estimated to be responsible...
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