Money for Healthcare Reform

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Article Critique: Finding the Money for Healthcare Reform
Laura C. Sukle
Liberty University Online

Article Critique: Finding the Money for Healthcare Reform
Finding the Money for Healthcare Reform, written by Mark Hyman, M.D. (Hyman, 2009), provides a realistic perspective that the current healthcare reform model only focuses on lowering the cost for healthcare services and not improving the quality of health for patients. Hyman (2009) argues that if quality of health and lifestyle intervention are key focal points of healthcare reform, the burden of healthcare expense would automatically be lowered due to less chronic illness and better health outcomes (Hyman, 2009). “By improving the quality of our health and focusing on health creation and improved health outcomes, the sinking ship of healthcare can be righted, and the behaviors of physicians and healthcare institutions will shift from doing more things (volume) to doing the right things (quality)” (Hyman, 2009, p. 20). The article also explains Hyman’s (2009) point of view that quality of improved health outcomes is not a topic for healthcare reform because providers can only reimburse for volume and not for quality of health interventions (Hyman, 2009). The author argues that the underlying causes of disease are not treated because reimbursement mostly comes from medications and procedures. Hyman (2009) discusses a possible solution to include quality of health as a focus in healthcare reform. A healthcare system that addresses the cause for disease and supplies the education and tools to support a patient’s change in behavior can be delivered by a team of healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, counselors, etc.) to achieve a better health outcome (Hyman, 2009). The proposal for “Take Back Your Health” is currently being addressed in Washington, D.C. and was created to promote lifestyle intervention treatment programs that can help prevent and lower the cost of chronic...
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