Quantitative Journal Article Critique

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  • Published : March 30, 2012
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Ritesh Sukhani
GB 598 Quantitative Journal Article Critique

Gebauer, J. and Schober, F. (2006) Information system flexibility and the cost efficiency of business processes. Journal of the Association for Information Systems..7, No.3
pp. 122-147.

The work of Gebauer and Schober entitled “Information System Flexibility and the Cost Efficiency of Business Processes” states that for an information system (IS) must be flexible if it is effective and must “be able to accommodate a certain amount of variation regarding the requirements of the supported business process.” The problem statement is clear noting the need for flexibility in the information system.

The study is noted as being significant in that it “contributes to IS theory building with a focus on the effects of IS flexibility on the cost efficiency of a given business process.” (Gebauer and Schober, 2006) The primary objective is stated to “present a theory of the impact of IS flexibility on the cost efficiency of a given business process” as well as establishing the “importance of IS flexibility as a success factor of IS management.” (Gebauer and Schober,)

The literature review is thorough and examines the characteristics of a business process and specifically the three dimensions of the business process including: (1) uncertainty; (2) variability; and (3) time-criticality. (Gebauer and Schober, 2006) Many previous studies are cited in the study of Gebauer and Schober (2006) and the shortcomings in those studies as well as the strengths of the study being noted. The concept of Information Systems (IS) flexibility is reviewed as well as past studies in this area.

The study is clear in its statement of several preliminary...
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