Case Study 10.1

Topics: Business process management, Process management, Management Pages: 2 (355 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Business Process Management BPM
Prepared for: Professor Palmer
Prepared by: Vardly E. St.Preux
Date:02 December 2012
Course: SBE-430 E-Commerce for Small Business

Table of Contents
The Evolution of Business Process Since The 1990s3
Benefits of BPM3

The Evolution of Business Process Since The 1990s
After reading this article, there isn’t any direct suggestion of the evolution business processes from the 1990's. However, it can be said that the article suggests that business thinking and practice has changed tremendously over the last decade or so. Many businesses are using more technological software to improve their business practice. The methods of the past are not as successful in today’s e-business dominated world. Almost every organization is now based on technology. A business therefore needs the appropriate software to make them competitive in today's market, or face extinction. BPM allows companies to be more agile and more efficient. Efficiency is key to keeping customers happy. Furthermore, government regulations are constantly changing. In many organizations this constant change is difficult to grasp and incorporate without the appropriate technology in order to make a business efficient.

Benefits of BPM
The article addresses many benefits for BPM; some of the benefits are: * BPM helps organizations streamline their processes into getting things done in a quicker manner. This allows employees to get things done more efficiently. * It provides tools, by means of which, the organization is enabled to examine, analyze, and improve their processes with a process being anything that transforms resources and materials into products or services. * The software provides communication among applications. * The software can send an alert if properly set up of any reports or progress for an account or individual is not...
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