Quality of Work

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  • Published : November 3, 2005
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Member's Quality of Work
Poor Work Quality is a very common learning team problem, which is difficult for everyone to deal with. Nobody is perfect, and nobody does perfect work all the time. Many factors determine the quality of work we produce as individuals and as team members. But there are a few things that we can control to improve our quality of work. Personal or external issues are an area that can have a severe impact on work quality. We all have personal lives, and our lives become very easily distracted by issues that are separate from school. One initiative we can all take is to go to a place of study outside of ones home, a library or coffee shop perhaps. Study Skills

Developing good study skills involves maintaining a routine and commitment. Many sites are available on-line to provide assistance where one may need aid most. When providing fellow students with advice on education enhancement the University of Phoenix offers assortment guidance through their very own tutor site, Longman Exercises. Longman Exercises provides not only instructional guidance but also practice exercises, which becomes a virtual tutor. Outside online assistance is also available to improve educational skills. These sites main objective is helping college students. Listed below are reputable sites which, I would delicately suggest and recommend to any fellow students that necessitates additional support.

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Respect and Communication
In written communication many of us fall into a routine of using negative language. When situations arise, which call for constructive criticism the words we use are often what makes the situation effective or a disaster. Using positive language on a regular basis is difficult and often, needs to be practiced. Robert Bacal author of Using Positive Language...
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