Scavenger Hunt

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Day 2 Assignment

Name: Monique Casey

Day 2 Scavenger Hunt

Respond to the following questions in short-answer format. Once completed, find the Assignments folder under the Classroom tab of ANGEL. Click the linked name of the assignment to access the drop box. After the drop box opens, upload the paper and click Submit. Don’t forget to include your name at the top of your assignment!

Return to the Student Success Center to find the following:

1. Under the Colleges tab, where would a student go to find the name of the dean in their college? What is the name of the dean for your college?

Under the colleges tab click on the College of Nursing link, then click on the Nursing Handbook. Anne M. McNamara Ph.D, RN is the dean of the college of Nursing.

2. Under the Succeed at GCU tab, what tutorials are available?

The tutorials include library, CLA, writing and research tools, online learning, support services and portal, career services, and tech support.

3. Under The Writing Center tab, how many APA Templates are provided?

There are 9 APA templates provided.

4. Under the Support Services tab, where would a student find the way to contact Technical Support? What are the means available to the student?

Under the support services tab click the technical support tab, and students are able to email, call, and chat online.

5. Under the Support Services tab, where would a student go to get help with assignments? What are some of the services available there? What services do you plan on using to be a successful student?

Students can click on tutoring to get help with assignments. Booking a tutor, math lab, online tutorials, writing center, turnitin, and student success webinars are services available in the student services tab. I would use the student success webinars to be a successful student.

Visit the GCU Library by clicking “Library” at the top of the page to find the...
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