Quality of Life, Research Critique

Topics: Clinical trial, Informed consent, Evidence-based medicine Pages: 3 (847 words) Published: October 28, 2012

Quality of Life, Research Critique
Lisa Spann
Grand Canyon University
Introduction to Nursing Research
Professor Anna Auler
October 04, 2012

Quality of Life, Research Critique
As the ability to prolong chronological life advances, the question is when is the effort enough or too much? The term coined “quality of life” or QoL is thrown out to be a point of reference. The certain point at which determined the efforts are no longer worth the extension of chronological life due to the lack of quality in life being saved. Living by mechanical ventilation, nutrition through tubes or life sustaining intravenous medications that tether one to an infusion pump can all be seen as some of the factors that decrease the quality of life. In this research critique on “Reporting of “Quality of Life”: A Systematic Review and Quantitative of Research Publications in Palliative Care Journals written by Senthill P. Kurnar the study is a quantitative analysis of palliative care journal articles that research and report on articles related to the quality of life. In this article it is stated that the persons surveyed for the research were the patients that self-reported, the caregivers of the patients and the healthcare providers. There were various assessment tools completed to evaluate the health related quality of life. The research stated that even though quality of life is a current issue that needs informative studies done that articles with the term quality of life their title were surprisingly scarce. It questioned that maybe the self-reporting was low due to the frail condition of the patients or a possible lack of desire in patients with ongoing chronic illness. It can be assumed consent of participants was given due to the fact that they completed the various different questionnaires in the research studies. The reporting journals used analysis to group the information into assessment and treatment...
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