Research Summary and Ethical Considerations

Topics: Nursing, Qualitative research, Focus group Pages: 3 (921 words) Published: February 2, 2013

Research Summary and Ethical Considerations
Lisa Overfield
Grand Canyon University
Introduction to Nursing Research NRS 433V
November 30, 2012

Research Summary and Ethical Considerations
Obesity is a problem sweeping across our nation with incredible speed and the prevalence of pediatric obesity is a continually increasing problem. Never before in history have children risked outliving their parents and developing middle-aged adult illnesses while still young. School nurses hold enormous potential to affect change in the area of children’s health and pediatric obesity, however many are not taking advantage of the opportunities placed before them for a variety of reasons. This study addresses school nurse’s perceived barriers to weight-related issues. This paper will discuss the study, the method used in obtaining data and the results, and how it applies to nursing today. A large portion of waking hours for the majority of children are spent in the school environment. School nurses are in a unique position to greatly impact the health and well-being of their students; however this is not happening to its fullest extent on a regular basis so the question is what is standing in the way? There are many obstacles that school nurses see as problems in discussing weight related health issues with children, youth, and their families. The purpose of this study was to identify those perceived barriers and allow for the development of interventions that would remove those barriers and increase the ability and frequency school nurses address this issue with children and families. Many of these perceived barriers have the potential of crossing over into other areas of nursing. The identification of barriers that prevent nurses from achieving their highest potential effectiveness will improve communication, public’s perception of nurses, and their overall ability to have a positive...
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