U04A1: Policy Formulation

Topics: Nutrition, Public health, Obesity Pages: 3 (783 words) Published: March 9, 2013
U04a1: Policy formulation

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Children’s health is the main topic of my interest. As a pediatric nurse I believe that preventing disease is much easier and more cost effective. Obesity in children has become a big concern. The issue that is particularly interesting to me is the “sweetened beverage tax.” This proposal was made to help the children’s health and wellbeing. The proposed course of action and policy agenda Imposes a tax on every distributor for the privilege of distributing in this state bottled sweetened beverages, at a specified rate, and for the privilege of distributing concentrate in the state, either as concentrate or as sweetened beverages derived from that concentrate, at a specified rate of sweetened beverage to be produced from concentrate. Provides exemptions. Requires tax moneys to be deposited in the Children's Health Promotion Fund for childhood obesity prevention activities and programs. Use of funds includes: improving access to and consumption of healthy, safe, and affordable foods and beverages, encouraging physical activity, regulating weight management intervention activities in the medical setting, improving or building school recreational facilities used for recess and physical education, implementing Safe Routes to Schools programs, improving the quality and nutrition of school breakfasts, lunches, and snacks, and ensuring free, clean drinking water access throughout the school day. I became aware of this issue through the CDC organization. This bill was introduced to State of California legislation in 2011, under health category, Nutrition, Obesity, and Physical Activity. William Monning (D) introduced Bill AB669. The Bill History began from 02/17/2011, which was introduced on 03/07/2011 to assembly committees on revenue and taxation and on 04/07/2011 from assembly Committee on revenue and taxation with author's amendments in assembly. It was then read the second time and amended. It was re-referred to...
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