Quality Management System

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Quality is a word which has been used for a very long time, lots of books have been written about it, and many of the world scientists have defined it in many different ways. In this research paper, I will emphasis on the Quality Management System, why is it important? What is it used for? What is the importance of having a Quality Management System? Many people think implementing QMS costs a lot and all the benefit is a piece of a paper which say that your company is certified in having QMS so you can only hang this picture or certificate on the wall and tell your smart customer that you have it. In fact, no blames on them, they have not used this system yet, they do not know that this system save a lot and a lot of money for companies. They do not know that this system create a dynamic motion within the companies so everyone know what he/she is doing, everybody understands his/her role, and everyone can feel being an important part of the process then everybody can work towards a clear and unified target. However, having a lot of benefits requires a reasonable cost and in the same time it worth. There are several organization which are concerned and involved in this issue, those organizations have produced a unified standards and those standards have its requirements. The International Standardization Organization which located in Switzerland which have a contribution of 157 countries have produced a standard which is concerned about the QMS. It is known as ISO 9000 family and the ISO 9001 is the one which is concerned about the requirement of the QMS. Of course, that creates the needs for understanding these standards in order to get the certificate from the organization which is authorized by the ISO. That also creates the need for the training which is very important for companies to implement the QMS. The standards have been developed the course of the quality history from needing a quality control to a quality assurance. Basically, implementing a Quality Management System is important for companies to succeed in today’s market, and will enhance customer satisfaction, and improve internal process. It becomes more and more a necessity for international companies because it saves a lot of money in one hand and time in the other. Nevertheless, implementing such system requires an effort, training, and using consultant companies to ease the establishment of the system and to get the certificate eventually. In my opinion, implementing a Quality Management System within companies can save time and money, increase internal processes, and enhance customer satisfactions.


Quality in general has been defined as “ How good or bad something is.” ( Oxford, 602). Experts have a common definition about Quality Management System, they have defined it as "A set of co-coordinated activities to direct and control an organization in order to continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its performance."

What is a QMS?
A quality management system provides companies with a set of processes that ensure a common sense approach to the management of companies. The Quality Management System ensure consistency and improvement of working practices, which in turn provide products and services that meet customer's requirements. ISO 9000 is the most commonly used international standard that provides a framework for quality management system. What is ISO 9000?

ISO 9000 is a generic name given to a family of standards developed to provide a framework which a quality management system can effectively be implemented based on. What does it mean?
To benefit from ISO 9000:2000 there are steps to consider. At First, a company has to define why it is in business or what for it is doing business. Then the next thing to do is to define the main processes or what to do. Then the company has to define how to do it in writing. So it needs to describe in writing how to do these processes and who...
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