Quality Improvement: Measuring Consumer Satisfaction

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Quality Improvement: Measuring Consumer Satisfaction
Bonnie Forward
HCA375 Continuous Quality Monitoring & Accreditation
Instructor: Paula Arceneaux
October 17, 2011

The determining factor for providing a dynamic, ongoing relationship between your patients/clients and your healthcare facility, making certain your patients/clients come back to you for additional services, and encouraging affirmative word-of-mouth referrals from previous patients is consumer satisfaction. A noteworthy trend in the progress of modern healthcare is the participation of clients/patients in managing their healthcare. A consumer satisfaction measure is crucial if the administrator is to assess the amenities being delivered and to guarantee the desired clinical results to meet the client/patient’s wishes. Statistics can be collected that will allow the manager to make variations in programming for quality improvement (QI) based on the feedback given by consumers.

A consumer satisfaction measure is a kind of QI tool that is intended to get feedback right from patients/clients about their view of the quality of services they receive from your facility, the usefulness of those services, and the results they have achieved. A consumer satisfaction measure is an instrument that must be a crucial part of any QI program that can be used to measure the end treatment and how it relates to the original plan of treatment and real services provided. “As techniques to measure the quality of healthcare proliferate and improve, health professionals are beginning to accept that patient/clients and their families hold unique vantage points as expert witnesses of care and that they should plan their services to reflect the needs of patient/clients,” (DOHC, 2001).

Consumer satisfaction can be measured by numerous methods such as satisfaction surveys, which are meant to gauge the patient’s insight in many areas using multiple factors. Some of those factors include the facilities, timeliness of appointments, service delivery, patient outcomes, and interactions with the medical and administrative personnel. Using the consumer satisfaction measures, providers can get very useful responses that can be used as a rudimentary element of the QI program. There is mounting evidence that the associations between consumer feedback and involvement in decision-making in patient care points to progress in health outcomes and more reliable therapeutic associations (DOHC, 2001). Patient satisfaction is crucial in the assessment of patient accountability, therefore making it a real important measure of quality of care.

Effective consumer feedback leads to health services that are more manageable health services; enables participation by those conventionally sidelined by typical health services; makes companies more aware of major areas of displeasure with their care; and gives staff fresh awareness into how individuals see parts of their care and can raise customer self-confidence (DOHC, 2001). Patients are more involved in their healthcare now than ever before and should be encouraged to do so.

Healthcare providers are concerned about the mounting cost of healthcare services and are aware of the need for a more valuable use of available resources. Measuring the effectiveness of healthcare to decide if the available resources are being used properly is vital to an organization. Patient satisfaction is crucial and is becoming a commonly recognized measure of care efficacy.

There are many factors that can influence patient satisfaction. Patient expectation influences the overall measurement of satisfaction from healthcare experiences. Older patients typically have higher satisfaction, possibly because they have lower expectations and are reluctant to reveal dissatisfaction. Ill patients and those with psychological stressors are typically less satisfied because those patients have a difficult time deciding if the illness or the healthcare service is the...
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