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  • Published : October 2, 2012
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1. Significance of the Study

Siemens is a global leader when it comes to engineering sector. It manufactures almost all the heavy electrical devices such as from transformer to miniature circuit breaker. Siemens is well known for its stringent quality norms. It has been successful to differentiate itself from the competitors on grounds of quality. Project aimed at compiling a new quality control procedure manual from the existing manuals such as Site manual, quality manual, safety manual. So that the new manual formed would be in accordance with the international quality standards such as ISO 9001 & OSHAS18001.

There were Three parts of the study:

1. Understanding the IPM department Operations for quality control:

IPM(integral Plant maintenance) department renders plant maintenance services to companies across globe when it comes to Siemens India it serves to around 33 different companies across India. Siemens have a very well defined and guided procedure for quality control. The approach used to get the know- how of the department was the primary research of Quality manual, site manual & Safety manual. The Site manual according to it’s name consisted of information regarding the site operations for e.g. Standard site operating procedures, site protocol during the project, it also comprised of information regarding the minute of the things such as for raising a scaffolding .all the manuals were written in a manner so that it could give a complete overview of standard operating procedure followed by the department.

2. Studying the international quality standards:

Quality is of great importance for the companies around the world to thrive in this competitive environment. As in this global era every company is bound to follow the different quality, environment and safety norms of all the countries where it operates. there are many standards practiced all round the world some prominent among them are ISO9001 & OSHAS 18001. Which specifies the quality, safety and environment protection practices which must be followed by a company all round the world

3. Formulating a new quality control procedure manual:

Main task was to study and then formulate the existing Siemens manual into a new manual which would be a combination of all the three manuals and would be in accordance with the ISO9001 & OSHAS18001. The points common to both the standards were kept as it is while those which were different were incorporated into the manual based upon the need.

2. Scope of the Study

compiling a new quality control procedure manual for IPM department from the existing manuals such as Site manual, quality manual, safety manual. So that the new manual formed would be in accordance with the international quality standards such as ISO 9001 & OSHAS18001.and thereby it would be an useful tool for the management and the employees to assure quality to the customer

3. Objective of the Study

1. To understand the IPM department operations.

2. To analyze the current quality control procedure.

3. Study the need and compatibility and need of international standard and study them in detail.

4. Integrate the existing manual along with the global standards .

4. Literature Review

To go ahead with the project a detailed primary research study was required ,which would include understanding the existing quality standards at Siemens then comparing with the global standards and then finally formulating a new standard which would be in accordance with this global standards

Now lets have a brief overview of the Global standards:


This International Standard specifies requirements for a quality management system where an organization

• needs to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide product that meets customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, and • aims to enhance customer...
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