Discussion Assignment 15-1: Reacting to a Process Gone Wrong Located in Ch. 15 of Quality Management for Organizational Excellence.

Topics: Quality control, Management, Quality assurance Pages: 2 (762 words) Published: March 26, 2012
Discussion Assignment
As employees of an organization we are required to ensure the welfare of the same at all times. Sometimes we see and analyze certain processes carried out and it is understood that there is any way in which these processes can be improved. It happens that we are not prepared to report that such changes are needed for reasons that are varied. There are positions in companies that are responsible for ensuring that all processes, products and services offered comply fully with the expectations of customers. The so-called "quality controls" are the order of the day in different industries thus minimizing the losses that come when we could make a claim for defective product or service. The following provides an example of how practical quality control is essential in company. In the example provided in chapter 15 of book reading (Goestch, 2010) presents the status of status of certain types of molds aircraft to a company's customer Cignet. For years it has featured as an organization that provides services "die casting". The receiving client has complained about the state in which the products are leading to an increase in the percentage of defects in the organization. Not notice any change in the process of manufacturing these parts therefore not within the quality control at the time of manufacturing. It is assumed that there is an assignable cause, that does not happen by chance but it can be identified and eliminated (Babylon, 2012). When facing the president of the organization about the findings, it is clear what the possible causes can be identified which are those that affect the products. First of all, accept that the quality control department is failing somewhere to let out these details that the customer does not like. The causes can be identified storage temperatures, adequate transportation, and inadequate storage methods to name a few examples that may be affecting the final product. All these factors can be identified and...
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