Quality Assurance in Nursing

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Quality control is a specific type of controlling refers to activities that evaluate, monitor or regulate serves provided to consumers .in nursing the goal of quality care would be to ensure quality while giving nursing care to the clients as per nursing care plan. HISTORICAL ASPECTS:

The field of quality assurance is an old as modern. Florence nightingale introduced the concept of quality in nursing care in 1855 while attending the soldiers in hospital during the Crimean war. It is a matter of pride for nurses that the nursing profession has attained a distinct position in the search for quality in health care. DEFINIATIONS:

QUALITY: Quality is defined as the extent of resemblance between the purpose of health care and the truly granted care (Dunedin 1985) Bull 1985 defined: quality assurance as the monitoring of the activities of client care to determine the degree of excellence attained to the implementation of the activities. IN NURSING: In quality assurance is the defining of nursing practice through well written nursing standards and the use of those standards as a basis for evaluation on improvement of client care (maker 1998) CONCEPT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE:

Quality assurance is a dynamic process through which nurses assume accountability for quality of care they provide .It is a guarantee to the society that services provided by nurses are being regulated by member of profession. METHODS OF QUALITY ASSURANCE:

Donabedian introduced 3 major method of evaluating quality care a) Structural evaluation:
The method evaluates the setting and instruments used to provide care such as facilities equipment characteristics of the administrative organization and qualification of the health provider b) Process evaluation:

This method evaluates management of the client care, data for this can be collected through observation of provider encounters and review of records, audit, check list, approach and the mapping approach are used to establish the client counter protocol c) Outcome evaluation:

The net changes that occur as the result of health care or the net result of health care. The data method can be collected from vital statically records such as death certificates in the person client interview mailed questionnaire and client records.

As an independent profession nursing has increasingly set his own standards for practice. Standards of nursing practice serve as objective guidelines for nurses to provide care and as a means to evaluate care standards of nursing practice are developed and established based on strong scientific research and the work of nurse clinical experts. They provide a method to assure clients that they are receiving high quality care, that the nurse knows exactly what is necessary to provide nursing care and that measures are n place to determine whether the care meets the standards. DEFINITION: Standard is aboard statement of quality .It is a definite level of excellence as adequate required, aimed at or people. IMPORTANCE:

A) It is an authoritative statement by which the quality of nursing practices, service and education be judged. B) In nursing practice, standards are established criteria for the practice of nursing. C) It is guideline and a guideline for is a recommended path to safe conduct an aid to professional performance. D) Standard provide baseline for evaluating quality of nursing care, increase effectiveness of care E) Standard helps supervisors to guide nursing staff to improve performances F) Standard may help nursing to clearly define different levels of care G) Standard is a device for quality assurance as quality control PURPOSES:

1. Standard gives direction and provides guidelines for performance of nursing staff. 2. Standards provide a baseline for evaluating quality of nursing care. 3. Standards help improve...
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