Assessment Summary of Risk and Quality Management

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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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Assessment Summary of Risk and Quality Management
February 4, 2013

Assessment Summary of Risk and Quality Management
As I was reading about Duke University Medical Center and here is what it said about quality improvement it is a “formal approach to the analysis of performance and systematic efforts for improvement” (2005). In different industries quality improvements are constructed differently. quality improvement is used in the field of medical it focuses on the safety of the patients and the employees that work at the facility, avoid or reducing the mortality and morbidity rate, and reducing the medical errors. Since the nineteenth century the health care organizations have been looking for ways to improve the quality of care. A obstetrician by the name of Ignaz Semmelweis “introduced hand washing to medical care, and Florence Nightingale who determined that the poor living conditions was a leading cause of death of soldiers at the army hospital” (Chassin and Loeb, 2013).

When a group of individuals get together to talk about the health care industries they automatically think of hospitals and it is the first thing that the group thinks of. The hospitals use quality management to accomplish the long and short term goals that will improve the patient’s safety and the quality of care a patient receives. There are different program titles that represent quality improvement. There are a lot of different concepts, policies, and factors that a place needs to have for a successful organization. I will be talking about them within my paper. Key Concepts and Names of Quality Management

There are different words to use to represent quality management programs. For instance there is Continuous Quality Improvement, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, and Total Quality Improvement. It just depends on the group what title of program that will be used. “TMQ more often refers to industry based programs and CQI typically refers to the programs that are designed for clinical settings” (McLaughlin and Kaluzny, 2013). A clinical setting would be a hospital; the programs that they would use will have the title of Continuous Quality Improvement and/or Quality Improvement. “Quality Assessments are planned systems that review and Quality Control programs are a routine system used to measure and control quality” (Ipcc, 1996). When it comes to performance management programs they can be considered quality improvement programs in certain facilities, but they are mainly used in a strategic performance plan that are connected to quality management. The key concepts of quality management is improving the quality and the safety of the patients, improving strategic plans and finding ways to control infections and preventing them, ways to manage private information, training the staff, education for employees, new ideas for improvement, and analyzing the current processes. As stated “Organizations embark on CQI for a variety of reasons, including accreditation requirements, cost control, competition for customers, and pressure from employers and payers” (McLaughlin and Kaluzny, 2013). The main goal is to have quality management in the hospitals to improve the care and safety of the patients and by doing so this will represent the quality care by achieving and maintaining the standards of accreditation. Long-Term and Short-Term Quality Improvement Goals

Quality Improvement is to work forward to reach the long and short term goal that is associated with quality improvement. One long term goal in the health care field is to have a “high reliability” organization. As stated “high reliability organizations are those that maintain a consistent performance at high levels of safety over a long period of time” (Chassin and Loeb, 2013). One of the goals starts with assessing the company’s current state and what assessments that can be a short term goal for the organization of health care. One more long term goal could be to come up...
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